Life Can be Hard

Sometimes assistance is needed to get your life on track again. If you’ve been through trauma, a transition in your life, or a change of status, it’s understandable if you struggle to feel like yourself again. Therapy can help your journey toward treatment, healing, and growth.

If you, or your child, are experiencing very real pain, therapy can soothe and bring healing and eventually positive change. It’s important to feel a connection with your therapist in order to achieve the type of therapeutic relationship that will promote comfort and growth in you.

Trusting a therapist with your child

Entrusting a psychotherapist with your child is even more difficult for most parents than trusting her with your own well-being. Parents have an innate drive to protect their child. Yet, when you’ve reached a point that your efforts aren’t bringing solutions, you realize it may be time to seek outside expertise.  For many parents, this can feel scary.

Therapists are equipped with the skills and methods needed to unlock memories and change habits to lead the child to more freedom and self assurance. As your child’s therapist, I will assist in meeting your child’s needs in a nurturing and safe environment.

I believe you’ll find through professional, therapeutic treatment there are layers of health and well-being you and your children may have been missing.  Thanks for taking the time to explore my practice.  I look forward to more time with you.

If I can be of service, please contact me.


“I have great respect for Dr. Greenwald's work and complete trust in her clinical judgment” ...Doreen Han-Favor MD Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychologist

“An accomplished child psychologist … thoughtful, committed to her work ...emotionally present ...guided by the needs of her client. I am certain Dr Greenwald will provide the highest level of service” ...Stephen Mendel PhD Licensed Psychologist