Couples Therapy

Couples-image2The tug-of-war between a couple for recognition, consideration, sharing, respect, and scores of others issues can keep a couple in conflict and struggling improve their relationship.

Problems between couples range the full gamut and are as unique and personal as the two people in the relationship. Some of the couples I work with are equally invested in their relationship and fully engaged in the treatment process to strengthen their life together.

With other couples, the investment is more one-sided. Sometimes, the less invested party is able in therapy to discover why he or she is holding back and often a resolution unfolds.

The fact is, that it’s impossible to predict the outcome until you try.  Just remember: you are half of that relationship.  If you believe your relationship needs help, speak with your partner…and call me for a consultation.

The fact is that it’s often not so clearcut and takes hard work to get to the bedrock in the relationship and find solutions. When you decide to seek couples counseling, decide in advance you’ll have an open mind to grow, discover, give, and bend with your partner.

You’ll be amazed to find how liberating it can be to discover that your own growth and change will also bring new life in your interaction.

Call me to arrange a consultation. Let’s work together to build a stronger relationship for you and your partner.