Adult Psychotherapy

Counseling for Individuals

Life transitions

Sometimes people are embarrassed to admit they feel confused, hurt, or lost…. because they think that makes them different.

Guess what? We’re all in this boat together, dear friend. Everyone is confused, hurt, or lost at some point. That’s life on Planet Earth! The really brave people are the ones who have the courage to admit they can use some help figuring things out.

We therapists know this more than anyone. We’re quick to tell you that we’ll provide a safe place to talk without judgment or criticism…and the fact is, we don’t judge or criticize because we’ve probably felt some of the very same things you feel.

We’re all just people. You, me, all of us.

The difference in a therapist compared to the rest of the people walking down the street is that a therapist has special skills and tools for interventions that will help you turn the corner and find greater freedom and understanding.

The work we do together is just that: together. We put our heads together and work … think … and explore … until we find solutions and freedom. My skills and experiences plus your mind and heart …

Therapy isn’t mystical … but what it can accomplish is amazing.

Anxiety disorders


Life transition issues

Issues r/t divorce and loss

Those with social issues ie aspergers, non verbal learning disorders

Parenting issues

Relationship issues


Job stress/financial issues