Individual Psychotherapy


depressed alone woman

Psychotherapy for Individuals

Have you ever felt embarrassed to admit you feel confused, hurt, or lost….?  It may make you feel different, or just dependent, or weak. But it’s actually the person who takes responsibility for his mental and emotional health, just as he does for his physical health, who is particularly self-reliant. In therapy, you can speak freely without judgment or criticism. And everything we speak about will remain confidential.

There is no shame in having pain or confusion. There is no shame in struggle. Our work together is a collaborative process, so together we’ll explore your conflicts, fears, and struggles and apply solid methodologies to arrive at treatment solutions.

In my practice, I find that most people struggle from more than one issue. For instance, you may struggle with anxiety but also experience depression, which could be a result of divorce or life transitions. Parenting issues may be exacerbated by job or financial stress, and so on. We’ll go over your concerns, and form a plan that’s suited specifically to your own needs.

Some issues I have dealt with in my practice are:

  • anxiety
  • life transitions
  • issues related to divorce and loss
  • Aspergers, non-verbal learning disorders
  • parenting issues
  • relationship issues
  • couples
  • job stress/financial issues
  • eating disorders
  • ADHD and organizational support

Contact me to arrange a consultation. We will create a plan to bring you more freedom and joy in your life.